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Irrigation Glossary

The terms in this glossary are presented in an effort to provide a foundation for common understanding in communications covering irrigation.

  • * indicates variables and symbols that are preferred for use in the Irrigation Association education and certification programs. A date in small letters indicates the date when the Certification Board approved the term.
  • [ ] symbols located within bracket indicates the IA preferred abbreviation of symbol for the term specified.
  • { } symbols located within bracket indicates the IA preferred units for the term specified.
  • General definitions of terms not used in mathematical equations are not flagged in any way.
  • Quantitative terms have {units} indicating sample units.
  • Three dots (... ) at the end of a definition indicates that the definition has been truncated.
  • Terms with strike-through are nonpreferred usage.
  • References are provided for the convenience of the reader and do not infer original reference.
This document is in continuing development.
Version 08/11/2006
Edited by: Eugene W. Rochester, CID, CLIA