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Contribution Policies

IrrigationPAC directs contributions to support the election and re-election of congressional candidates who share IA’s commitment to efficient irrigation and our industry.


Contributions are based on the following guidelines adopted and applied by the Board of Advisors.

  • All contributions must comply with federal election law, which limits funding to no more than $5,000 per candidate per election. Special, runoff, primary and general elections count as separate elections for funding purposes.

  • To preserve limited funds, IrrigationPAC focuses on general (vs. primary) elections. IrrigationPAC favors supporting:
    • “Friendly” incumbents seeking re-election to Congress.
    • Challengers to other incumbents in cases where the candidate is considered friendly to irrigation interests and has a reasonable chance of winning.
    • Candidates in open seat races where the incumbent is not seeking re-election.

Friendly candidates are those with:  

    • Demonstrated past support of irrigation issues, including co-sponsorship, votes or other measurable backing.
    • Established relationships with irrigation professionals and IA members in their home district or state.
    • Previous IrrigationPAC support.
    • Positions on key congressional committees or other leadership roles.

  • Under special circumstances and with Board of Advisor approval, IrrigationPAC may:
    • Support friendly incumbents in contested primary elections.
    • Make “out-of-cycle” contributions to a U.S. Senator more than two years before the election.
    • Contribute to political action committees, national campaign committees and the national political parties.

  • IrrigationPAC does not provide financial support to candidates who:
    • Seek to offset campaign debt remaining after a general election (debt retirement contributions).
    • Are running for president.
    • Seek office outside of the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate (nonfederal candidates).

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