Irrigation Seminars

Discover practical techniques, best practices and "how-to's" at irrigation seminars at the 2015 Irrigation Show & Education Conference. Each one-hour session provides detailed coverage on a focused topic in agriculture or landscape irrigation.

Irrigation seminars are open to all attendees with a full registration. Participants will earn 1.00 CEUs for each hour.

The 2015 irrigation seminar schedule is coming soon. Take a look at the seminars that were offered in 2014 to get an idea of the type of topics offered at the show.

2014 Agricultural Irrigation Seminars

SDI for Crop Production: 25 Years of Research at K-State
Kansas State University has been developing techniques for successful drip irrigation for more than two decades. This seminar will highlight the results of that research, including progress to-date, lessons learned and best practices for crop production in the Great Plains. 

 Measuring & Improving Pump Efficiency
Increase pump and irrigation system efficiency. This seminar will discuss measuring pump performance for flow and head, and using this data to improve efficiency. 

Soil-Moisture Sensors & Irrigation Management
Improve your understanding of soil-moisture sensors. This seminar will cover the major classes of soil-moisture sensors; their advantages and disadvantages; installing and reading soil-moisture sensors; and using their data for irrigation management.

Deficit Irrigation for Grain & Oilseed Crops
Deficit irrigation is often defined as applying less water than needed for full crop transpiration. This seminar will introduce the deficit irrigation concept and how to apply this strategy to typical crops in the Great Plains.              

2014 Landscape Irrigation Seminars

Understanding Soil Moisture
Understanding soil moisture is critical for landscape irrigation management. This seminar will compare volumetric and matric potential soil-moisture sensors, discuss the relationship between their readings and demonstrate how to use this data.

HDPE Pipe Joinery
Many larger irrigation systems now specify high-density polyethylene pipe, which requires different fittings and joining methods. This two-hour seminar will cover HDPE essentials, including fitting types and methods for joining pipe and fittings.

Collecting Data to Improve Landscape Water Management
Improving irrigation system management requires a wide variety of performance measurements. This seminar will discuss what information is needed, different technologies for manual and automated data collection, and creating client reports.      

Integrated Building Water Management
Many newer commercial projects incorporate alternate water sources. This seminar will introduce key factors to consider to ensure there is enough water from the building's traditional and alternate sources to meet landscape irrigation requirements.

Using New Technology to Assess Irrigation Systems
Making sure irrigation systems are operating as designed is critical to improve water-use efficiency. This seminar will discuss new technology to assess system performance, as well as communicating needed improvements to customers.

2014 Backflow Prevention & Cross-Connection Control

This program will discuss the hydraulic principles that exist in water systems related to backflow prevention and cross-connection control. Proper protection, code requirements, maintenance, and inspection of backflow prevention devices and assemblies specific to plumbing and irrigation systems will be presented. Attendees will earn a total of four CEUs for this session.