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Certification Requirements

Certification isn’t a one-time accomplishment. It’s an ongoing commitment
to expand your skills and knowledge by staying current on the latest technology, techniques and industry best practices.


To protect your investment and continue enjoying the benefits of IA certification, follow these simple steps to remain in good standing: 

CEUs are submitted based on a 2-year cycle that begins on Jan. 1 of the first year after you pass the certification exam. For example, if you become certified in August 2013, your first 2-year CEU cycle would begin Jan. 1, 2014 and end Dec. 31, 2015. Certified professionals submit the required number of 20 CEUs every two years, regardless of how many certifications they hold. 


For each 2-year cycle, CEUs must: 

  • Be earned during that 2-year period. 
  • Be submitted by Dec. 31 of the second year of the cycle. 
  • Include a minimum of ten (10) CEUs for irrigation-specific continuing education.   
  • Include a minimum of five (5) tier 1 CEUs related to water-efficient concepts in the field of irrigation. 

For candidates who have already met their CEU requirements for the current cycle, CEUs earned after Oct. 31 of the cycle’s second year may be carried over to the next cycle. Carryover CEUs must be submitted to IA staff for entry. 


Certified professionals should keep written, supporting documentation for all continuing education activities for the current and previous 2-year cycles, in case you are selected for the annual CEU audit.  


For information about your CEU cycle or CEU requirements, contact IA (; 703.536.7080).