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Available Programs

The Irrigation Association currently offers a number of certification programs for professionals specializing in agriculture, turf/landscape and golf irrigation.

Available Practice Exams

Prepare for your exam by taking a certified irrigation contractor or certified landscape irrigation auditor practice exam. Developed in response to member feedback, these exams are:

  • Online, non-proctored, open book and multiple-choice.  
  • Available to be taken from your home or from your office computer.  
  • An option to become familiar with the computer-based testing format.  
  • 40 question tests that are consistent with the CIC and CLIA exams' detailed content outline.  
  • Resources for feedback on questions that are answered incorrectly.  

To register for a practice exam or to learn more, click here


Certified irrigation contractors, designers with a landscape/turf irrigation specialty, and golf and landscape irrigation auditors qualify to become EPA WaterSense Partners.


Certified irrigation designers with an agriculture specialty qualify to become USDA Technical Service Providers.